Between (the parties) you (the "Licensee" or "Client") and Op. Cit. Ibid. (the "Supplier", "we", "us" "Op. Cit. Ibid." or "Kia Tasbihgou")

Grant of Trial License – Version 1.1 (May 2018)

The Licensee must agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement to download, install and use the font software. Use of the font software is strictly limited by the following conditions. By accepting the License, the Licensee agrees not to decompile, modify, reformat, translate and reverse engineer the fonts, or otherwise discover its source code. You are not authorized to sublicense, sell, lend or lease the font software.

Version 1.1

A – Acceptance

A.1 – Op. Cit. Ibid. is able to license the Trial Fonts to you on the condition that you acknowledge and accept all of the terms in this agreement. By downloading the OCI Trials folder and installing, accessing or using the included Trial Fonts, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement, and that you agree to be bound by all of the terms herein.

B – Confidentiality

B.1 – The Licensee’s personal information will not be sold, shared or rented to third parties nor will your email address be used for unsolicited mail, except for information regarding the official launch of the Supplier's website. The only emails you will receive upon the launch of the Supplier's website will be on an opt-in basis, or to contact you regarding your purchase and future updates relevant to your purchase.

C – Embedding and Extension

C.1 – The Font Software may be embedded into and exported in PDF, EPS, SVG and other relevant vector formats, as well as rasterised (PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, et. al). In other cases you must ensure that the viewers of documents using the Trial Fonts are not be able to extract Font Software. Any other kind of embedding is prohibited.

C.2 – You acknowledge that the Trial Font provided to you by Op. Cit. Ibid, under this agreement, does not grant you the right to extend the provided character set (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, comma and period). The characters provided to you are done so at the Supplier's discretion, for the sole purpose of evaluation.

C.3 – If you wish you use one or more of the Supplier's Trial Fonts in web or app projects, please contact the Supplier about purchasing a relevant license. Using the Trial Fonts in commercial projects is strictly forbidden.

D – Support and Warranties

D.1 – The Supplier is not under any obligation to provide support to the Client. This covers technical support, consultation or expansion on the provided material. However, should the Supplier deem it appopriate to provide support or consultation (free of charge) to assist in the use of the Trial Fonts or evaluation activities thereafter under this agreement, performance of such support will not subject Op. Cit. Ibid. to any liability, in contract or otherwise.

D.2 – No warranties are granted. Op. Cit. Ibid. will not be subject to any liability in the evaluation or use of the Trial Fonts provided. The Font Software has been produced to the best of the Supplier's ability to meet industry standards. However, the software and the computer systems used to evaluate the software are rarely perfect, and the Font Software is provided "as is". Op. Cit. Ibid. do not warrant that the Trial Fonts will operate uninterrupted or error-free, and will not be responsible for any failures after installation.


We would like to thank you for choosing to try out Op. Cit. Ibid. typefaces. We are confident that the trial fonts will meet your expectations (lofty or otherwise), and that in testing them you might consider purchasing our commercial releases. We also offer bespoke treatments and commissioned type design; we sincerely hope that you will bear Op. Cit. Ibid. in mind for future typographic and type design needs.

If you have any questions regarding the OCI Trial package, individual Trial Fonts, this EULA, or general enquiries, please email us at We will reply as quickly and as efficiently as possible to provide you with any and all information or support you require to meet your specific needs.